Rudy Giuliani: Obama Trying To Reestablish Welfare In America

In his critique of Barack Obama's half-hour infomercial tonight, Rudy Giuliani upped the ante on Obama smears, at least as far as I've heard. Instead of just attacking Obama's tax plan as welfare, Giuliani claimed that Obama is trying to “reestablish welfare in this country.” Last I checked, we still have welfare in this country, though presumably Giuliani meant “federal welfare.” Giuliani also falsely stated that John McCain's health insurance rebate is a tax cut, not a cash payment. Yesterday, FOX News hosted Newt Gingrich to provide "reaction" to Sean Hannity's interview with John and Cindy McCain. So was there a Democrat on Hannity & Colmes offering reaction to tonight's Barack Obama infomercial? Nope. Just the Republican Giuliani. Fair and balanced? Not! Giuliani said that Obama's tax cuts amount to "welfare checks." He added, "This is another way of reestablishing welfare in this country. After all, Barack Obama opposed welfare reform... Giuliani wrongly insisted to Al...
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