Movie star outfits aren't Halloween hit

Looking to be Mike Myers' "Love Guru" or Will Ferrell's "Semi-Pro" this Halloween? You're in luck.Those movie character costumes are among the slow sellers in a Halloween season dominated by political figures. The longhaired, hippie "Love Guru" failed to move off the shelves at Frank Bee Costume in the Bronx, owner Frank Bee said. "They're buying 'Austin Powers' instead," he said, referring to Myers' other onscreen persona. Iron Man didn't sell well, said Todd Kenig, CEO of Ricky's NYC. GALLERY: CELEBS SUIT UP FOR HALLOWEENAt Havin' a Party in Brooklyn, customers are turning up their noses at run-of-the-mill monsters. "Dracula slowed down. Frankenstein is down. Wolfman is down," owner Larry Scott said. Craig Shatilla, owner of Halloween Wearhouse on Staten Island, said traditional costumes like Colonial women are "out the window." "If they made a sexy Colonial girl ... and raised the dress midthigh, maybe they'd sell more," he said. Description = "Looking to be Mike Myers' "Love Guru"...
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